Tower of Deceit


  • Tower of Deceit is an Unreal Tournament 4 Deathmatch map.
  • The main reason I created this map was because it had been a while since i used Unreal Engine so I wanted to refresh what I've learned.
  • I also wanted to try too dress up a level to make it look good.


  • Created in 4 weeks half-time
  • Made in the Unreal Tournament 4 editor (Unreal Engine 4)
  • Multiplayer Deathmatch for up to six players.
  • Level dressed using Unreal Tournament 4 Assets.

Getting Started

With only four weeks development time, I wanted to create a smaller map without any complexity. The first thing that I came up with was a tower and the playble area would be one of the higher floors.

When the first idea came into place, I started looking for a theme for the castle. After that was done, I started designing the gameplay.

The reason I named the map, "Tower of Deceit" was because originally I wanted to have some geometry in the level shift levels to confuse the player, and make the level a little bit more interesting. But due to time constraints I had to skip it.


The gameplay design for this level is rather straight forward for a multiplayer map of this size. The players can circle around the map on the edges, there's a power up in the middle and the level have an even distribution of weapons.

The health and armor pickups are also placed evenly. I have also worked with elevation, which can be reached by stairs, elevators or Jumppads. The overall playable areas are pretty open, with some smaller pillars here and there to provide some protection.


Final Thoughts

In the end I'm happy with this project, It's definitely  not a masterpiece, but I got to refresh my skills in Unreal Engine and dressing the level was pretty fun. The only thing that bothered me during the creation was when I tried to bake light, the lightmaps were sketchy and I had to replace some of the assets. But I must say that I like this level and I would like to do a bigger Unreal Tournament map in the future.